The Iowa Nut Growers Association has a long and rich history. It was incorporated in 1968,
the original Directors were:

  1. Frank Kosek of Cedar Rapids - President
  2. Frank Martzahn of Daven port - Vice President
  3. Norman Hansen of Drakesville - Secretary/Treasurer
  4. Albert Ferguson of Center Point - Director
  5. Howard McDaniel of Monroe - Director
  6. Glenn Schlagenbusch of Madison - Director


Providing educational opportunities on the various nuts of Iowa, the organization is comprised of predominantly hobbyists, backyard growers, and a few commercial orchards. Our membership is the strength of the organization. Several current and past members have been active with the Northern Nut Growers Association serving in leadership roles. A few accomplishments we are most proud of include:

Annual Nut Evaluation - Traditionally the fourth Saturday of each January, nut samples from members and non-members are processed and scored. If you are unable to attend but would still like to have nuts scored, send samples to:

Jeff Jensen
3503 40th Ave
Fenton, IA 50539
cel#: 515-320-6756

Click here to view the Nut Evaluation Video.

Newsletters - The IA Nut Growers Association publishes a quarterly newsletter.

IA State Fair Nut Judging - The organization has hosted a nut judging competition at the Iowa State Fair for several decades.

Annual Meeting and Auction - Each Spring we hold our annual meeting and auction. Nut samples from the nut evaluation held in January are displayed. Our annual auction is a chance to raise funds for the organization and boasts a wide assortment of different potted and bare root plants, scion wood, and nut treats.

Field Days - Field days are typically a featured component for our Summer and Fall meetings. Topics discussed include: establishment, maintenance, harvesting, grafting, marketing, and more.


No one knows what the future may hold. Looking back at the long histroy of the Iowa Nut Growers Association you can't help but think of all the great members and characters that made such a lasting impact for us living in this time and place. To honor them and learn more about the Iowa Nut Growers Assocation, view this short video on the past, present, and future.